This section allows you to configure various system notifications, that will be sent to email and displayed in the upper right corner in the admin interface.

You can enable or disable the following notifications:

Gateways alarms - Notification in case of problems with gateways connection

Storages alarms - Notification in case of problems with connecting to storage

Misc - Notifications about the system updates availability and backup reminder

The following adjustments you can configure in the multi admin interface in case of multi company or in the admin interface in case of using single company:

System alarms - Notifications about excessive CPU usage, lack of RAM, system boot, SMTP and remote support problems, and service failure

Call alarms - Notifications in case of problems with calls

Backup - Notifications in case of "Backup" function problems

License notifications - License expiration notifications

Security alarms - Hacking system attempts notification

system image

In case you did not configure the administrator's e-mail address, you will see a corresponding notification.

system image

You can confihure the administrator's e-mail address in the section User settings or in the section Personal settings of the user "admin".
The SMTP also have to be configured for sending notifications to e-mail,.