LAN/WAN adjustment

This section allows to fine-tune the network, if necessary. This section is available in the admin interface in case of using single company or in the multi admin interface in case of multi company.

system image


This section displays the network interfaces that are in the system. You can edit the network interface adjustments via clicking on the pencil icon system image. To set the default interface you have to to right-click on it and select "Set as default" or click the icon system image next to the desired interface. You can disable / enable the interface by right-clicking the mouse or by clicking on the icons system image / system image next to the desired interface.

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  • State - Allows you to enable/disable the network interface. In case there is only one network interface in the system, the access to the system will be impossible if it is disabled.

  • Name/Kind - The network interface name

  • Type - The interface type. There are two types available - DHCP и STATIC

  • Address - IP address

  • Mask - Subnet mask

  • Gateway - The main gateway


This setting may be needed, for example, if you need to redirect requests to a specific server to a local IP address.

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  • IP - IP address of the host

  • Hosts - Domain name


It allows to send specific requests to the desired network interface.

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  • Interface - The network interface

  • Destination - Destination IP address

  • Gateway - Gateway IP Address

  • Metric - A numerical index that specifies the preferred route. The smaller the number - the more preferable the route(intuitively represented as distance).


  • DNS-srever - IP address of DNS server