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Calls monitoring. Secret chips.

Calls monitoring. Secret chips.

Ann Matveeva

There is a strategy behind any successful business and development. A simple and effective secret of success: for business prosperity and development, it is necessary to reduce the negative factors influencing it and increase the positive. Multiply repeat approaches that work well and not waste resources on something that does not work effectively or not working at all. Any leader concerned with the question: how do we determine the factors that affect the success? Modern technologies come to the rescue. You can do it easily with the Carusto telephony by analyzing calls and telephone conversations of your employees, the impact of various advertising channels and organize office work. The program includes features such as listening to and recording of calls, prompting, conferencing. The application "Analytics" will allow you to generate the necessary reports automatically in real time. Monitoring of calls is necessary not only for problems detection and working on them. It also helps to identify and promote the positive aspects of the work. Here are just some of the chips that can be easily implemented using Carusto system.

  1. Gather information and use it in the right way. Monitoring of calls provides important information about how the business works and what do your customers think about it. The information, collected in the result of such monitoring will enable you to optimize the many processes that affect various aspects of your business from the company's standards to teaching staff. These targeted improvements will undoubtedly lead to the most positive results.
  2. Pay attention to the details. The staff should be monitored regularly to stay in a good shape. This is an effective way of maintaining high standards of work. Make sure that your staff welcome your customers properly, follow the structure of calls and use positive wording in conversations with clients. Under regular quality control of calls you will be able to eradicate timely the bad habits, which spread by an employee to an employee from one call center to another. Feedback, learning and support will create a strong team. The application Call-center Carusto greatly simplifies and organizes the work of the personnel using dashboards, tooltips, displaying all information about the customer on the screen during a conversation with him, the creation of Call-sheets for outgoing calls, etc.
  3. You don’t have to to implement all the innovations immediately and try to learn all the features of modern IP PBX. Remember that even the most basic monitoring is better than the absence of any monitoring at all. You can start with something very simple. For example, configure multiple reports and indicators, and view them on a weekly basis. Then select the most relevant indicators and appoint a reward for their performance. It takes very little time and does not require excessive force. Move at your own pace, even if it seems slow. If you set realistic goals and achieve them - this will serve as motivation, paving the way for other, more ambitious goals.
  4. Keep a positive passion in the team. Monitoring is aimed not to "catch" the staff, but in order to facilitate its work, to make it more systematic and transparent. Monitoring, which is more partnership, rather than prescriptive and authoritarian, will be accepted by staff easily and will lead to cooperation. Most employees want to understand what the company expects from them and why are their calls so important for business and customers.
  5. It is the transparency, consistency and feedback in the basis of the work. Feedback in the process of monitoring should be objective. Evaluation criteria should be defined in advance. It also needs to be a regular. Once the basic parameters are defined - they must be applied consistently. Employees can receive feedback both individually and in group discussions where they can share with each other successful practices and adopt the best practices of colleagues. Whichever method is chosen, the staff should be able to participate in the discussion. Their observations and comments can be extremely useful, as well as it encourages them to be included in the process. Its important to give regular support and motivation to the stuff in the form of education, training, measures to increase productivity, team building, etc. It’s worth to think about a system that would facilitate the work of staff. Productivity of employees working on the basis of Carusto Call-center ten times higher than that of their colleagues, armed with a standard telephone and excel only.
  6. The practice of encouragement. Reward a good work of your staff. Motivation does not necessarily have to be material. The title of "consultant of the month", certificates for the best employees, information about them on the web site of the company, news, etc could significantly affect on their responsibility and the desire to make a contribution to teamwork. Pass the good reviews of your customers to the staff. Integrate all of these positive aspects in the annual scheme of encouragement of employees in the company.
  7. Save the best calls. They could be used for stimulation and as an example for the training of employees.

The time and effort spent on the monitoring surely would be repaid. There is direct connection between calls effectiveness and quality monitoring and coaching. The equation is simple: the more time and effort you put into improving the call center, training of agents and the automation of processes - the better service to your customers will get, the higher level of sales and customers’ retention will be.

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