Advanced settings

This section allows you to configure the gateway connection to the operator more accurately.

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Registar Transport - a transport protocol that will be used to transfer packets over a tcp, udp or tls network.

Realm - host name or domain name.

From user - Username (login) in the FROM field.

From domain - Domain name in the FROM field.

Outbound proxy - proxy for all outgoing connections.

CLI number - the number that will be registered in the "FROM" field of the "INVITE" message, when the internal subscriber is calling trough this gateway.

Expire - Registration time in seconds.

Codecs - The list of supported codecs.

Security – specifies the protocol for transferring RTP (voice) data.

DTMF type - DTMF signaling type. It allows you to set up the method of outgoing DTMF signals sending. Options: RFC 2833 / SIP INFO.

Authorization username - Name for authorization.

Timeout - registration delay.

Retry - the number of seconds before retrying when a failure occurs or the delay expires.

Extension in "Contact" - Add an extension to the CONTACT header.

Suppress CNG - Suppress the comfort noise generator (CNG).

Distinct "To" - it is used when FS requires to be registered with the help of different Address-of-Record (AOR) header «To:».

Ping - Send connection parameters every x seconds, failure will cancel the registration.

Ping max / Ping min - - the gap between ping-min and ping-max is a «safe zone». For example, if you have a minimum value - 3, maximum - 6, as a reply you receive pings 3,4,5 and 6 - the gateway is considered as active. If out of 6 packages 4 consecutive are lost, gateway is considered as unavailable.Так например, если значение минимум - 3, максимум - 6 и ответ на пинги 3,4,5 и 6 - шлюз активный. In case 4 consecutive packages out of 6 are lost, the gateway is considered unavailable.

Ping min - required quantity of successful pings to declare gateway as active.

RFC-5626 - support of RFC-5626 standard.

Register proxy - Proxy address for REGISTER messages.

Caller Id in “from” - Use the incoming call user ID in the "From" field for outgoing calls through this gateway.

Host in “Contact” -Host that will be indicated in CONTACT.

Register id - Parameter of the "Contact" header field.

Contact parameters - additional parameters in CONTACT.

Max lines - the number of lines (simultaneous calls) for the gateway.