This section is meant for connecting SMPP gateways.
SMPP (Short message peer-to-peer protocol) — is a protocol that describes the interaction of the final user with the SMS-server (SMSC). ИIt is used for sending SMS and USSD messages.
SMPP allows you to send SMS messages via SMS gateway.


To connect to the SMPP gateway, go to the "SMPP" section and click the "New Gateway" button.
Configure the following settings:

Name - SMPP gateway name

Login - Login to connect to the provider

Password - Password to connect to the provider

Host - The address of the provider's server

Port - Port to connect to the provider's server

Source - Specifies the address of the SME that generated this message.

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Advanced settings

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Transaction timeout - The time the system will wait for transaction completing.

System Type - An optional parameter that should be set only if the SMPP server requires this.

Connection timeout - The time that the system will wait for the connection.