Colleagues report

The report contains an information about calls, received and made by each colleague, missed and transferred calls, as well as the average / total talk time and ring time.

analytics image

You can choose a detailed report for a specific employee by left clicking on it.

analytics image

The report contains an information about:

  1. Inboung calls
  2. Outbound calls
  3. Local calls The additional information about:
  4. Made calls
  5. Received calls
  6. Missed calls
  7. Transferred calls
  8. Average time of all call
  9. Total time of all calls
  10. Call diagram with time slot allocation
  11. Employee presence on the network

This report allows you to analyze the work of each employee, the number of hours worked and the quality of call service. You can listen to existing call records by clicking on the calls you are interested in, and moving to the detailed call report. Click the button analytics image and download an audiofile.