Call settings

This section allows to chose the device for making outgoing call, as well as desired combination of hot keys for speed dial.

settings image

Call device

Select the device for making outgiong calls, initiated in the user interface. It could be:

Softphone (directly your PC or laptop)

In case you do not have the necessary software to make audio calls using the softphone, you will be asked to install the Desktop Utility or Carusto Desktop Application.

VoIP phone (SIP phone, tablet or smartphone on which the corresponding software is installed)

Mobile phone (It allows to use mobile phone for making calls)

In case you selected VoIP or Mobile phone, then, when making a call, the specified device receives an incoming call. It is necessary to answer it, after this you'll be connected to the number you call.

Dial Hot key

Using this function allows you to get rid of the need to dial a phone number manually. Its enough to highlight the desired number with the mouse cursor and press the hot keys.

You can enable or disable this function, as well as change the key combination. Click the sign settings image to change the key combination, then press the combination you'd like to set and click "Accept". The default combination is CTRL+ALT+T.

To use this function, you need to install the Desktop Utility or Carusto Desktop Application.