Fax messages receiving


To configure the reception of fax messages, you need to configure the following applications in the rules for routing calls ("Call Routes" section):

Fax detect. This application allows you to distinguish voice calls from fax calls. In case of detection of a call from a fax machine, it will be processed according to configured instructions, namely: send fax to the number (in case you need to send a fax to another fax machine), send fax to mail (see the description below), etc.

Fax to mail. Fax message will be sent to the user's e-mail, which is specified in the settings.

Received fax messages are saved in TIFF format.

In order to be able to receive a fax by e-mail, mail sending should be configured and activated in the section SMTP, as well as the user's e-mail address in the section Personal settings.