Feature keys

Feature keys are used during a call and allow to make different actions, such as: recording a conversation, transferring a call to another number or in a conference mode. To use feature keys, dial necessary feature key during the call. Use the phone keypad or the call control panel (UC).

The following feature keys are configured in the system by default:

Code Parameter
*1 Record a conversation
*3 Park a call
*7 Transfer the current conversation to conference mode
*8 Attendant transfer. With this combination, during a call, you can put the interlocutor on hold and call another subscriber. If the second conversation partner hangs up, the connection with the first one will be restored. The first and the second conversation partners will be connected if you hang up.
*9 Call transfer without intervention (blind transfer). Via using this combination, you can transfer an incoming call to another number without waiting for an answer.

You can change the corresponding keys in the menu "Components" section "Feature keys".

routes image

After making the desired changes, click the "Save" button.