Routing conditions

You can configure a number of conditions for each route. These conditions will be checked before running the script for this route. ЕIt is possible to configure the execution of the route in case of matching all conditions or just one of them. If the Conditions field is empty, the script applies to all calls.

As a condition operand you can use variables. The value of the variable will be determined when a call comes in. For example, the variable "caller number" is set. At the time of the call, the system will determine this number and place it in a variable. That is, when you receive a call to the system, it will substitute the required value in one or another variable, which will be used in the call processing scenario.


The variable with the type "user" is available only in the routing To user and From user. During the initiation of a new call from user or to user, the system analyzes all routes which conditions the call satisfies. When the user makes a call, the system checks all routes From user and where the variable User is present, it substitutes the user who made the call. When a user receives a call, the system, before making a call to the user's devices, first checks all routes To user,and also substitutes the user who receives the call to the variable User.

Due to such system, it is very easy to create flexible routing for any user parameters.

For example, there is a task to route all calls that should be received by John Doe <1000>, to another user. For this you need:

  • Create a new route To user (with the highest priority, for do not letting routes with a higher priority to do other actions with the call)
  • Add condition: User is John Doe <1000>
  • In the route script, add Call to user application, where you will specify the user to whom you want to route the call. After saving the route, the next call to the user John Doe <1000> will be transferred to the other user that we specified earlier.

Let's consider one more example: the task of blocking an outgoing call to another country for the user. For this we need:

  • Add a new route to the section From user.
  • Add a condition User is John Doe <1000>
  • Add an additional condition Call > Destination number pattern +380.
  • In the route script, add the application Hang up When making a call from the user John Doe <1000> to the number that starts at +380 , the system will immediately drop the call. The system will ignore this route for other calls, because the second condition does not match.


By analogy with the user, with an incoming or outgoing call from the gateway, the system analyzes routes To gateway and From gateway. When adding routes with theGatewaycondition the system will substitute the corresponding gateways in the variablegateway` and analyze all routes which conditions the call satisfies.


There is a variable Call which works for all routes. You can use it to add a condition for a number of call parameters:

  • Caller's number
  • Destination number (to make a call to)
  • User agent
  • Caller's name

Imagine there is a task to route all calls that come from the number +380 to a certain queue of calls. For this you need:

  • Add a new route to the From gateway section with the highest priority.
  • Add condition Call > Caller's number starts from +380
  • Add the action Call to the queue in the route script.
    After saving, any call from any gateway with the caller's number starts from +380 will be routed to the specified queue.


There is a number of values available in the Time variable which are not explicitly about a call. To add a condition by time of the day, day of the week, month, date, etc. we need to use this variable and select the range of time we are interested in.
For example, all calls arriving outside of business hours must be routed to the IVR. For this:

  • Add a new route to the section From gateway with the highest priority.
  • Add condition Time > time of day between 06 PM и 08 AM
  • Add an action IVR in the route scenario. After saving, any call that arrives to the company after 6 pm will be sent to the voice menu (IVR).