Call routing

There is a unique system of routing and scripting for calls in Carusto software.

Routes in the system are divided into four types: From user, To user, From gateway и To gateway. Routes from each section are performed at different stages of processing calls within the system and are used to program the behavior of the system.

RoutesTo user и To gateway is considered to be incoming, and routes From user and From gateway - outgoing. Outgoing routes work when the call is initiated by the subscriber, and the incoming routes are operated by the system.

Outgoing routes

When a user or gateway initiates a call, the system is guided by routes to determine the actions to be taken with the incoming call. The actions that are defined in the route are called the route script.

Incoming routes

Inbound routing is used only after outbound and only in cases of using the folowing actions:

  • Call to user
  • Call to group
  • Call to number

Each time the outgoing route intends to forward the call to the user, the system uses Inbound Routing to determine the actions to be taken So, with the help of incoming routing, the call to the user or to the number through the gateway will be processed in a certain way.