Advanced settings

This section allows you to configure advanced campaign settings.

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Dial timeout to agent - in this field you can set the maximum response time for the agent.
In case the agent does not answer the call during this time, it will be redirected to another agent. This setting works for all strategies except the "call everybody" strategy. In case of "call everybody" strategy, this is the waiting time for all agents of the same level. If none of the agents of the first level answers the call during this time, it will also arrive to the second level agents.

Redial to agent - The abandoned call will return to the agent after a time, if this function is anabled and the call was not answered by another agent. You can set this time in the field «Redial delay».

Redial delay - In this fiels you can set the time after which the call will come back to the agent.

Dial with mobility - This feature allows you not to miss a single call, redirecting unanswered calls to a mobile number after a certain time interval.

It is necessary to specify one or more agent mobile numbers, separated by comma without a space in his personal settings in order for the «Mobility» function to work. In case there are several numbers, the call will be redirected in turn.

Priority - This option allows you to set the priority for the campaign. A campaign with a higher priority will be served first, and only then the one with a lower priority. The agent, who is involved in more than one campaign, first will receive a call from a campaign with a higher priority.