Create a campaign

Only system administrator can create a new incoming campaign. To do this, log in to the system as an administrator, select the "Queues" tab and click «New queue» button.

incoming image

In the opened window set

  • Name - The name of campaign

  • Strategy - The strategy of handling calls: call everybody, call an agent with the longest idle, round robin calling, random agent calling.

  • Tiers - The number of agent priority tiers. You can set up to 5 agent priority tiers here. First of all calls will come to the agents with a lower priority. In case you have selected the strategy «call everybody», the call will first arrive to the agents of 1-st level, then to all agents of the first and second level, then the third one will join them, etc. For example, with the help of priorities, you can configure the incoming campaign in such a way that incoming calls come first to the secretary, then to the managers, and to the general manager in the last turn. One agent can serve multiple campaigns. In this case calls of campaigns with a higher priority will be processed first.


Select the agents that will serve this campaign and assign priorities, if necessary,.

incoming image

The number of Call Center agents is not limited by the license so you can appoint to the campaign any number of agents, who are the system users.

Advanced settings

Edit, copy and delete campaigns.

To edit, copy and delete campaigns, select the campaign and click the corresponding button.

You can appoint agents to campaign, choose one of the suggested call handling strategies and use the advanced settings in the Call Center application also.