General information

The Carusto Call Center software allows you to systematize the processing of calls, coming to your company, not to miss a single call, to facilitate and improve the work of agents of your Call-center. You can analyze the work of agents, determine the effectiveness of various advertising campaigns in real time, without additional costs for reporting.

Your business is no longer limited to the territorial location of the office with the Carusto Call-center software. It is enough for your agents to have a laptop with Internet access, or just a mobile phone while being anywhere in the world.

Outgoing campaigns will help you to conduct telephone surveys, questionnaires, databases updating, debtors calling, servicing online store orders, proactive selling by telephone number database, holiday congratulations, inform your customers about promotions, etc. This solution allows the supervisor to monitor the Call Center in real time and timely react to the change of current situation. He can add or remove the right number of agents at any time by analyzing such indicators as Average Wait Time, Average Talk Time and the number of received/answered/unanswered calls. This will help to cope with a largescale marketing and advertising campaign, during which a barrage of calls is possible. Such indicators as the number of calls transferred/hanged up by the agent/answered after a time threshold will help to analyze the quality of work of employees. The supervisor can distribute calls between operators, prompt agents, which is very convenient when training new employees, and also listen to current conversations in order to monitor customer service.

We advise a combination of products UC, Call-center and Analytics, as the most effective solution, although their separate use is possible.

Carusto Call-center includes two modules – Inbound campaigns and Outbound campaigns.