System installation

System requirements

Before installing the system, make sure that the installation environment meets the system requirements.

Minimum system requirements

Number of Users Number of simultaneous calls Number of Cores CPU CPU CPU Frequency RAM
50 10 2 1,2GHz 4GB
100 50 2 1,7GHz 8GB
500 250 4 2,0GHz 16GB
1000 500 4 2,4GHz 32GB

Also, the system parameters depend on the number of users simultaneously using the applications UC, Call-Center and Analytics

7Gb is enough to install the system. However, for the subsequent full functioning, the size of the hard disk depends on the amount of user information that is stored on the server in process. User data includes:

  • сall records
  • audio message files
  • voice mail
  • phone call debug files
  • backup configuration files
  • fax messages


  • Download the image of the CentOS 7 OS (minimal) or select an image from the existing (for VPS hosting interface)
  • Install CentOS from the downloaded image
  • After the CentOS OS is installed and the network is configured, you need to connect the Carusto repository. For this, log in with SSH (or using the host system terminal) and install the program to download files over the network "wget" by running the command:
    yum install -y wget
  • Install Carusto platform with the command:

    wget -O - | bash
  • Go to the web interface and enter the license

    To obtain a temporary license, fill out the form Demo version of the system on Carusto website.