Carusto Unified Communications

Carusto Unified Communi­cations

This is a single telecommunications network that combines different types of connection (chat, voice chat, video, fax, etc.) and various access devices (desktop computer, mobile phone, fax, etc.). The main purpose of "Carusto" software - is to create a single solution, that joins telecommunications infrastructure and mini-CRM system with flexible settings, allowing to solve the full range of tasks.

Carusto Unified Communications

Carusto Unified Communications

Telephone functions

User friendly interface

The user interface is so simple and intuitive that untrained users will be able to understand all the features.

Integration with your PC

This feature allows you to use a computer instead of a phone. User-friendly interface provides comfort at work and saves time. All phone features and many advanced features available on your PC.

Integration with SIP phones

Integration with the IP phone allows you to configure the system so that when dialing on the computer system automatically used to dial your SIP-phone.

Integration with a mobile phone \cell phone

You can use your mobile telephone (cell phone) to recieve calls from customers and make outgoing calls.


Receiving and sending faxes to DOC, PDF, without using a fax machine ... (The ability to download a fax from the interface or e-mail).


Sending SMS directly from the interface with one-click.

Interception of the calls from the interface

Using the PC interface to intercept calls to make the process simple and intuitive.

Listening to the call records from the interface

Using a PC interface for listening to calls records allows you to monitor the work of employees.


With the optional extension Carusto for Windows users can make calls from any application by selecting a number to call.


Carusto Applications are available for all popular platforms: Window, MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora) and Web application

Virtual office

Carusto Unified Communications allows your to start your office just in few hours. Employees can work remotely and be integrated into the workflow to be always connected. The management has the ability to control employees, see all their statistics - status, the number of calls received, and etc., and Carusto Analytics application will generate the necessary reports to you.

Cloud Based

Carusto cloud -based systme exempt from binding to a specific office and the server makes the database unavailable for inspection bodies and attacks.



The database of your contacts. Speed Dial and search by name, number, word. The ability to restrict access to different segments of the base.

Segmentation of contacts

The function allows you to keep customer base by segmenting it using special folders and additional tags.

Full information

Every employee will have full information about the customer, and all the client history.

Import in a few clicks

You can import your contacts from different services.

Adding files

The function allows you to upload various documents, contracts and other materials for your contacts, so you can quickly access them when needed.

Adding events

The function allows you to add future events and reminders. You will no longer forget to call back to the client or to get to an important meeting.

Comments\make notes

The function allows you to add comments to the important calls during or after a conversation, so any single item or note can be forgotten. Also you can.

Labels to the conversation

Feature allows you to share your calls at different segments using the tag with further possibility of their analysis.



With the help of this service, employees can always see where geographically is their colleague. This information can be used for intelligent routing of incoming calls: if an employee is out of office, there is no sense to send a call to his office phone.

Colleagues status

The system provides static information - employee status (Online, DND, Away), and dynamic - the state (there is a call, there is a conversation). Their status, the user can change their own, and the state is changed automatically by the system. This information is available to other users, as well as used for routing incoming calls, for example in a state of DND, calls can be forwarded to voice mail.


Corporate a chat allows employees not to distract each other's by frequent calls and not to waste time dialing and waiting, instead communicating in a corporate chat. At the same time, employee is focused on work rather than companionship. Important information is no longer lost or forgotten - it is stored in history.


Carusto Unified Communications allows audio conferencing, for example, for corporate meetings.

Quick search

Quick search for colleagues or contacts in the database by name or number (fragment) is available.


Call history

Available call history (date, time, direction, audio call, etc.).

Call search

Quick search of calls by number,name,date and time is available

Time filter

The function allows you to view calls for any period you are interested in.

Detailed filtration

Filtration of calls for popular criteria - incoming, outgoing, unanswered, abandoned, recording, etc.

Quick access for call records

The function allows to listen records rigth from the interface of application.

View fax

The function allows quick browsing in your company received or sent faxes.

Data export

The function allows you to export contacts or other background information in Excel and CSV formats quickly.


Advanced settings

The widest settings are available in the user menu of UC : mobility settings, voicemail, notifications, call routing management.