Carusto IP-PBX


"Carusto" software is flexible in settings and easy to use solution for solving your tasks in telecommunication field.

Carusto IP-PBX

Carusto IP-PBX

Telephone functions

Call parking

The "parking" makes it possible to hold multiple conversations at once, switching between them or answer calls parked colleagues.

Call recording

Calls are recoreded on mp3 format. It allows to recall the details of any conversation, monitor the work of employees and to resolve disputes. Recording can be the absolute, customized for a particular user or call routing rule.

Audio message

The function allows you to play to the caller audio message: music, advertisement, notice or dynamic information, for example order status or account.

Intelligent routing

The function allows you to run routing based on conditions (working / time off, the user's time, the black list, result of request to the database).

Call transfer

The function allows you to redirect call on the base of user's status, schedules, etc.


The function allows you to make voice conference, add participants (employees and customers), to provide access through the list of numbers or by entering the secret code.

Call share

The function allows you to connect to existing call in a real-time in order to participate in the conversation or to be a promter for you collegue. Also you can invisibly listen to it.

Call transfer

The function allows to transfer the call to another employee, or service number.

Call hold

The function allows you to hold the caller, if you want to answer another call, or ask for additional this time presetted melody or message is played to the subscriber.

Interception of the call

The function allows you to intercept a call to the number or the group of users.

Selector communication

Telephone conference in the form of a conference call allows you to hold meetings in absentia, without departing from the workflow. Available two-way communication mode (you can listen and speak), one-way communication (listen only) and switch between them.


The function allows to make a call to the user with a forced auto answer.


The function allows you to make a call on a list of numbers with a forced response (speaker mode). For example this feature could be used fot making advertizing in the office.


The system automatically receives the fax and send it to you by e-mail.

Telephone services


Your phone line is always free.

Connecting the system to your mobile phone

The system integrates mobile phones and landlines, and allows you to customize calls via mobile or via the city link.

Missed call notification

Feature allows you to receive notifications of missed calls to the user of the system (mail, SMS).


The function allows you to use several SIP devices for one user. At the same time all registered user devices are getting incoming calls.


A feature that allows not to miss a single call. If an employee does not answer the call, then, after a customizable period of time, made a parallel call to the mobile numbers of employees.

Voice mail

Voice mail. If the user did not accept the call or not available the system will prompt to leave a voice message.

Call processing

Constructor to configure call routing

Easy to use, intuitive interface of constructor to set, run, and handle events and calls on the system.

Incoming routing to the user

The function helps you set up the rules that will be executed when you try to call to the user (check the absolute redirect, redirect by the user's status, call forwarding in case of non-response, switching to voice mail, performance of other applications on the basis of all sorts of checks).

Incoming routing to the gateway

The function helps you set up the rules, that will be executed when you try to call the gateway (to re-attempt call in the case of busy, make an entry in the third-party database, send SMS in case of unsuccessful call attempts).

Outgoing routing from the user

The function helps to set up the rules that will be executed when receive an incoming call from the user (preset user rules , "speed-dial", both general and personalized).

Outbound Routing Gateway

The function helps you set up the rules that will be executed when you receive an incoming call from the gateway (to execute a query in a third-party database, run http request to a remote server in order to obtain additional information about the caller, send a notice to the manager of the Call-center about a new call in the system).

IVR rule

It allows you to make routing by voice menu.

Group Rule

The function allows you to run routing for a group of users.


The function, which allows to use patterns for substitution of different dynamic data in different rules and applications, autoinform about account balance, etc.


A feature that allows to handle incoming calls with queuing and further forwarding to an agent, based on established criteria (the most qualified, the least busy, etc.)


Disa is designed to provide direct access to system resources.


User status. The routing is based on it.


Outgoing SIP connection

The possibility to register on external telecom operators through to registration data (IP, login, password).

DID connection

Ability to customize the external lines to an operator without registration, connection by IP address.

Incoming SIP registrarations

The ability to receive incoming registration of operators, gateways or other SIP devices.

SMPP connections support

Functionality that allows the integration into the SMS service providers operating via SMPP.


Functional, allowing you to connect to configure and use ISDN lines as the communication with the outside world (operator connection).


Voice services

Integrate IP-PBX Carusto with popular voice services for the organization of different services in your company. The integration is ready for the services: Yandex, Acapela, Ivona and others.

Working with database

Direct access to customer data will allow to organize routing to opearators and organize an automatic services in your company. Supported databases: Mysql, Oracle, Postgresql, Mssql.

Cloud-based storage

Keep a record of phone calls, backups and other data on a dedicated server using FTP and SFTP protocols.

Authorization from a single place

With the integration with your LDAP server, employees will use the credentials from an external source without having to manually add each user through the interface.

Mail server

Send out the various notifications directly from the constructor routes and other services using the SMTP protocol.

SMS sending

Notify your customers for a variety of events automatically using a direct connection via SMPP protocol to the provider.


Call Logs

Allows you to review the progress of passing calls, run time, the data used in the performance of applications.


Saving the current system settings to be able to restore or deploy on another system.

Debug interface

Functionality that allows to track the progress of the script, the processing of incoming / outgoing calls.

System notifications

Functions allowing to send notification to the system administrator about system events (fault of the operators or not enough free disk space, ..).

Remote technical support

Remote technical support is possible if necessary.


Improved SIP authentication system reduces the probability of selection password by intruders\unathorised users.


The function of the system that blocks intruders in the case of password guessing attempts.


It allows you to configure the network from the Carusto Interface.