Carusto Call-Center


Call-Center Carusto connects into a single monolithic environment of accounting, control and management all business processes: treatment of customers, personnel qualification, setting and fixing tasks, the control of their implementation at all levels of escalation.

Carusto Call-Center

Carusto Call-Center

Incoming campaigns

Simple and easy to create and configure incoming call queues will systematize the processing of coming into your company,and will prevent missing a single call, to facilitate and improve the performance of your call-center agents.

Intellegent routing system

Intelligent call routing is carried out in accordance with the specified settings: on the basis of the selected IVR subscriber subjects, busiest operators and operator's qualifications, etc. You can put in priority callers with a mobile phone, regular customers, send the call the client his personal manager. When the client gets the call again on the order of the operator, with which began the conversation. Configure virtual routing allows geographically dispersed businesses more efficiently allocate resources between departments.

Different strategies of call processing

The function allows you to set the optimum for your company call handling strategy: call everyone call the agent who has the longest simple calls around, randomly chosen agent.

Priorities for the call center campanies

The function allows you to set priorities for call processing. You can configure the system so that the agent will be in the first place to receive incoming calls, and the lack of incoming calls to handle outbound queue.

Priority levels of the agents

The function allows you to distribute incoming calls according to the levels of agents, for example, you can configure incoming queue so that calls received first secretary, then managers and only in the last instance to the head.


This feature allows not to miss a single call, redirecting unanswered calls to the specified settings in the personal mobile number of the agent at regular intervals.

Interface of the supervisor

The simple intuitive interface allows the supervisor to manage the settings of call-center, in a few clicks to make the necessary changes to work in real time. The supervisor can monitor the performance of call-centrum, so to response to changes in the current situation just on tyme.. Analyzing such indicators as average waiting time, average duration of converstation and the number of received / answered / unanswered calls, he may at any time add or remove the desired number of agents that help to cope with a large-scale marketing and advertising campaign, a flurry of calls at the time of peak loads. And such factors as the amount of transferred / agent completed / answered calls after a time interval to help analyze the performance of employees. Also, the supervisor can distribute calls between operators, agents dictate tips that are very useful when training new employees, listen to ongoing conversations with the purpose of monitoring customer service.

Service level\level of the service

An additional mean of control is the "Customer Service Level" parameter, which can be calculated by the formula selected by Supervisor. The application contains visual information about the calls for each queue: answered, unanswered, abandoned, etc.

Detailed call report

Detailed call report consists of the selected queue calls, such as talk time, standby time, record conversations, allowing you to analyze the work of agents during peak call center, etc.

Activity of the campaign

Function allows to see the conversations in real time. How many customers are waiting for connection, and who speaks (agent) to whom (customer).

Activity of agents

The function allows you to quickly view the employment and performance of your agents in each campaign. The "Agents Activity of" provides information on the status of the agent at the moment, the time during which it is available, the number of processed calls in the queue, and all calls processed by agent during the reporting period, the average and total talk time in the queue / Total agent.

Outgoing campaigns

Outbound campaigns can help you to carry out telephone surveys, questionnaires, updating databases, telephone calls of debtors, active sales via the telephone base, congratulations with holidays, to inform your clients about promotions, etc.

Call-center operating modes

Outbound call center can operate in one of three modes: Preview, Progressive, Predictive. Depending on the mode selected, the system provides dialing client and connects it to the call center agent, allowing optimal use of working time agents.

Activity of the queue

At the time of processing the outbound campaing you can see a lot of data in "Active line". It displays the information about your contacts, call status, dialing time, talk time and call processing time.


The application allows you to create lists of of outgoing calls for outbound campaigns. For each outbound campaign in the application clearly provides information on the records (phone numbers), pending processing of records processed, unprocessed records, the average time of a call and dial. Automatic creation and processing of call-sheets saves time. All contacts are a global call-sheet, with whom to contact. Operationally - those who need to call in the near future.

Import your contacts list for an outbound campaign

The function makes it easy to import contacts from your own CRM system or third-party databases and applications to create a call-sheet outbound campaigns. Importing contacts in the database is carried out as CSV or vCard from Outlook, Gmail and other applications that support these formats. You can import the contact database from the UC Carusto.

Client card

The app contains all the information about the customer personal information, notes, information on previous orders, what agent had a conversation before and etc. The card is displayed at the time of call, allowing the agent to build a conversation with the client and add new data to the card.


The function allows you to play for the clients messages automatically. These can be pre-recorded messages to the most frequently asked questions, and information generated on the basis of dynamic data, such as order status, account balance, etc. Answering machine saves human resources and thus reduces the costs of handling incoming calls, and allows your customers to get the necessary information at any time.

Auto redial

The function is very useful when the subscriber phone is busy or does not answer. According to the settings the system will carry out a predetermined number of attempts to dial a specific time interval. You can configure outbound campaigns so that the system performs dialing to multiple clients at once, minimizing the waiting time operator response. dialer technology enables subscribers to organize regular telephone calls with the issue prepared by a voice message on the basis of constant or dynamic data. The feature is useful for promotions or outgoing calls from debtors.


On the basis of the Call-center Sarusto possible creation of a hotline, through which all customer calls will be accepted and processed with the lowest labor costs. Using a multi-channel call number will allow everyone to reach it, and several employees trained to answer most standard questions, and only in some cases, the call will be transferred to other employees of the company, which will save working time.

CRM System

The customer base, integrated with Call-center provides quick and convenient access to all of information on the customer / partner, notes, records of previous conversations, etc.

Operator scripts

Using conversation scripts - agents can clearly and quickly provide information to the client, ask the right questions and gather the necessary information about the client.

Mixing incoming and outgoing calls

The function allows you to adjust the simultaneous processing of incoming and outgoing calls in one phone campaign without the need for separate phone platform.

Management of the Campaign

Full campaign management and analysis function provides the ability to create campaigns, appoint agents and inbound queue for multiple campaigns. Our solution allows you to manage calls, users a queues and process organization efficiently as possible.