Carusto Analytics


Carusto Analytics is a software application.Carusto Analytics allows you to create detailed reports and implement analytics of a call-center. This tool provides visual statistics in real time. It allows you to manage the company's business processes quickly, helps to increase employee productivity, reduces the time required to prepare new reports.

Carusto Analytics

Carusto Analytics

Service level

The indicator "Service level" allows to analyze the Call-center work, taking into account various criteria such as the number of calls answered and abandoned, time spent for response and dropped calls. It can be used to set the rules of work, the analysis of their performance and bonuses.

Assessment of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

It is easy with "Carusto Analytics" to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaign on the number of calls and sales . A separate phone number for each advertising campaign will provide ready statistics.

An analysis of working hours of employees

The report shows when the employee was unavailable, started or finished work, the duration of calls.

A Call-center working day analysis

A full report of all calls for a particular day or period of the company. Visualisation of activity with the help of graphics.

Detailing of calls

Detailed information of all calls: date and time of call, the agent and caller number, the status of call (answered, missed, translated); call direction and duration of dialing and conversation, record of the conversation. These data allow us to analyze each call, to understand the dispute.

Analysis of the use of gateways

Detailed information on calls through the existing gateways, a detailed report on each gateway will allow to identify any problems with communication on time, analyze and optimally distribute the load on the gateways.

Assessment of the effectiveness of employees

Detailed information for the analysis of working time of employees in the same report: the number of hours worked and the quality of call service, data about calls. the number of received, committed, missing, transferred calls each of his colleagues, as well as the average / total talk time and dial-up, detailed information for each employee.

Analysis of the effectiveness of departments and offices

Detailed information about the calls for user groups enables you to analyze the performance of each department or business unit. Schedule calls, by the time clearly shows at what time and what day had the greatest number of calls to the group.

Reports on each project

A separate queue for each project will allow to analyze the work on each of them and get ready reports.

Search engine

This function allows to find the necessary information very quickly and transfer to the necessary report.

The analysis of conversations

The analysis of conversations allows you to analyze the company's operations. For example, the number of new calls allows you to estimate how many new clients turned to the organization for a period, and the number of repeat calls enables you to analyze how many times the customer had to call to solve any problem.

The analysis of delay between conversations

The report allows you to track down and eliminate potential problems in time. For example, if the interval between calls short, it often means a communication problem. If an agent calls back too often at the same number or with a large time interval, you may need to analyze the work of the agent.

Histogram of Holding time

It allows you to keep track of calls that were on hold for a long time, and also shows the overall picture of the use of function hold by your employees.

Histogram of dialing time

Displays the speed of answer to the call and allows t to analyze the speed of work of employees.

Histogram of time of conversation

It displays how the calls are distributed during the day-time, how much time on average was spent for waiting, for conversation, what time is the most busy. These data helps to optimize the call center work, determines how many agents are necessary to provide quality customer service.

Histogram of call duration

It allows you to determine how long on average is required to process a call and thus to calculate the required number of employees at the time of peak loads.

Export of reports

Simply download reports to Excel and CSV formats allows their further widespread use.

Sending reports via URL

There is a possibility to send links to the generated reports and move in ready-made reports using yourcolleagues links.


The system saves the history of viewed reports, which helps to return to the necessary data.